Free sock pattern and my wool yarn from The Last Bookstore/ Gathered Yarn Store!

Gathered Yarn Store Los Angeles
Free sock crochet pattern
Heading into downtown Los Angeles via the train

Happy twelfth day of Christmas! It was a great first Christmas season with my new husband, creating new and celebrating old traditions. I love that Matthew and I complement each other so well with him loving research and context- He made Advent and Christmas very rich.

–Skip to the bottom to access the free sock pattern from Ravelry.–

One fun thing we did after Christmas was take our two free train tickets into LA for a fun little day trip. I had to get used to taking and relying on public transportation again which is a complete paradigm shift from having a car where you can leave water, snacks, books, and other sustenance. I’m having flashbacks to my year of missions and having to run to catch buses with my backpack and sometimes bags full of groceries.

Our first stop was Amoeba, then we had lunch at French-Mexican eatery Trois Familia in Silver Lake with The Other Helen Kim. It was a true Silver Lake/Echo Park experience where we people watched while we waited 30 minutes to get in, for a delicious but overpriced lunch with excellent service. If you don’t mind paying $30 for lunch, it’s definitely a spot to try out.

Trois Familia: galette, chilequiles, crepe, French nachos

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was taking a walk down memory lane as were walking past my old work, a couple of my old apartments, and the high school I worked with. The Other Helen Kim graciously picked us up en route to her place even though I insisted we could walk. It was probably for the best, as we were about to walk under a “tent city” bridge that made me extremely sad for our homeless and mentally ill population. I have a very sad memory years ago from driving under that bridge.

My new crocheted socks

My favorite part of the day, besides catching up with old friends, was discovering a secret yarn store inside a book store! I spent almost an hour in there reading the knitting books and touching the yarn. I didn’t really need another scarf or mittens, so I decided to make myself a $25 pair of socks I don’t need! I am fully aware how crazy it is the money and time we put into crafts, but it’s important to grow up knowing the process of the products we consume. I got two skeins of a hideous yet beautiful mustard yellow-green wool yarn that I was looking forward to knitting, but the free pattern I chose was crochet. You can get the free Vivre Au Crochet cocooning pattern here from Ravelry.

What are you crafting in the new year?

Gathered Yarn Knitting Store Los Angeles
Owner Tiffanie and me with my woolen purchase

What are your thoughts?

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