Down with long grocery store trips! Free pretty grocery store map download

Create your shining year Leonie Dawson

Skip to the bottom to access the free grocery store map.

So, it’s 2016! Yesterday, to help me close out 2015 and prepare for 2016, I finally printed out my colorful Create Your Shining Year workbook for business that I bought a year ago… Better late than never! They are available in print and digital versions starting at $10. I’m also reading and watching some biographies to get my 2016 game face on:

They’re all like peas in a pod! I’m also really excited about some collaborations I’m working on right now, so the excitement is helping me get out of holiday break mode!

hiking_juggling_water_canyon_california (2)
Holiday hiking and juggling and other tomfoolery

Grocery Store Shenanigans

I take food very seriously. Now that I have a husband I want to impress with my culinary skills every night, I’m finding I’m being more precise about grocery shopping and using fresh ingredients. You know what I mean ladies… as a single gal, half the week might be spent eating soup out of the saucepan while lounging on the couch and perusing Instagram… I mean reading Anna Karenina. I am, however, spending 3 times as much time at the grocery store. I literally had the thought the last time I was at the store “I could be knitting right now. I better hurry up and find this nutritional yeast.” When I came home, I had the idea to make a grocery store map to make life a lot easier! So, next time I can write my shopping list in order of how I enter the store. I actually want to make these in a bunch of different colors, but for now I chose a fun yellowy-green vintage color. Enjoy!

Free Grocery Store Organizational Map Printable download as PDF –> Grocery_store_map_organizer




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