Amazing Restaurant-Style Broccoli Beef Stir-Fry Recipe

So good
So good

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going great! Here at the Goddard household we are enjoying the SoCal weather. I told myself I wouldn’t rub that in since half the country is engulfed in snow, but sometimes things just slip out, whups! I’ve been working on a couple projects that I’m excited to unveil soon. Stay tuned! Here is a sneak peak on what it is: trouves_drawing_peony

I made the BEST meal for us this week- Broccoli beef stir fry. It tasted just like a restaurant version. I think a large part of why it was so good was the Thin Sliced Beef from Trader Joe’s- it is barely-there-thin (the green package in the fresh meat section.) It was $12 for 1.5 pounds and I only used a third of it to feed two people, so the meal was $3/person. An old roommate of mine and I used to make the most amazing meals and then we’d always try to figure out how much it would have cost at a restaurant in Silver Lake because we’re dorky like that.

Us at a fancy shmancy restaurant in Miami

Us at a fancy shmancy restaurant

A healthy tip I have is I always have a bag or two of frozen broccoli in the freezer. Why frozen? Since they flash freeze the broccoli, it has more nutrients than the broccoli that’s been sitting out for a while. Plus, you’ll always have a quick stir fry when you have frozen broccoli around! With the rest of the beef I’d love to make philly cheesesteaks with it. I just love a good gooey philly cheesesteak, but they’re really not that healthy for you- One sandwich is one entire day’s worth of calories! I’ll have to change up the classic recipe a bit and probably use Oh She Glows’ vegan cheeze sauce and pita bread. Get the broccoli beef recipe here! p.s. I didn’t have any oyster sauce left so I used a soy/sugar/fish sauce mixture. I also used rice wine instead of sherry, and it was all still yummy.

Sometimes I think that my days revolve around what I’m going to make for dinner…


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