Bridal Shower Craft: A beautiful quote with kisses all around it for my wedding

They like me, so they put a ring on it. Photo by Laura Lachman Photography NYC.

I have been very bad about posting photos of my wedding, but I came across some crafty ones that I wanted to share. Our wedding photos will also be featured in a bridal publication soon for something that I really believe in, so I am excited to share.

Photo by designer Abigail Meyn

I have just now been trying to gather all of the photos from Facebook and emails to try to put in one file, and it’s brought back waves of memories from the entire year of planning the wedding, and then the last few WHIRLWIND days before the wedding. I have great memories of family/friends graciously helping do crafts as well as throw bridal showers and such. It’s just really touching when you think you’re going to drown under all of the tasks that need to be done, and then it’s the people that show up and lend a hand that is so heartwarming:

Haley offering to stay until all hours of the night folding tissue paper flowers, my bridesmaids making floral arrangements all day with smiles on their faces ;), Aunt voluntarily showing up to help set up at the golf course, the brother not minding (at least not to my face) that I made him use all his graphic design and videography wizardry =D. I think my brother is the male version of me “Who would do this craft/task/stand on their head for us? Probably Julia/Rano.”

College friends, Mission Year friends

Here is my honest assessment of weddings: all of the planning and stress is totally worth getting all of your family and friends together in one room, even for just a few hours, to be a part of entering into the sacramental covenant of marriage. When it was all over though, it took me about two months to be myself again but also figure out how to be a wife and live in a new state, and figure out what I really wanted to do with my days/life.

Photo by my maid of honor, Abigail (who shortly after our wedding got engaged herself! We’d like to think it was the magic of our wedding…)

At my shower gathering, the girls passed around this canvas to sign, with this quote:

Life is for deep kisses,

strange adventures,

midnight swims,

and rambling conversations

They totally get me! My favorite thing is rambling conversations, and yes, there have been one or two midnight swims!

One thing I’ve realized about new friends vs. old friends. The old friends are valuable because they knew you when you were a snot-nosed college kid and somehow still like you. That is more a testament to their character than mine. The new friends are great because they know you for who you are right now… the person you tried so hard to become. We learn, grow, and change with casualties along the way, unfortunately, but the important thing is that there is progress, and loved ones to share the journey with!bachelorette_centro_des_moines_friends


What are your thoughts?

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