My friend’s amazing AirBNB cottage in Portland, Oregon

Hi all! Is anyone feeling the springtime allergy itchiness? I’ve been researching ways to get rid of allergies for good. My friend loves her wholistic chiropractor and was able to rid of an allergy she had had, which is pretty incredible. I always get an itchy throat and cough around this time, but I found this to help relieve it. Whoever invented pressing on acupuncture points… pure genius. I also do a saline nasal spray for post-nasal drip, oil pulling, drink water and tea, and the usual Ricola. I’ll do this before we go to stations of the cross and then the Purpose/iSanctuary spring jewelry launch tonight at Share and Do Good store in Fullerton. I can’t be coughing up a lung and do effective socializing now can I?


I feel like AirBNB is my childhood make-believe playtime come true. Actually, for that matter, my adult “someday” wishes come true. I saw an American Express video once about a woman in California who restores vintage trailers complete with adorable outdoor seating area, and rents them out on AirBNB, and I was enthralled. What a fun business!

My old wakeboarding buddy has a new amazing AirBNB cottage near Portland that they just finished and boy howdy is it ever cozy. Check out more photos here.




What are your thoughts?

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