A perfect craft for road trips: Haptic Labs easy map quilts of your city

New Podcasts to Listen To

I have a range of different craft and business podcasts and videos I like to listen to. I feel like I’ve listened to all of the ones on Fast Company and Inc.com so I’ve been exploring new ones. I recently listened to this one of Shark Tank shark Daymond John, author of The Power of Broke. That then took me to some Gary Vaynerchuk videos, which had some great insights, but all of the yelling eventually got to me. Another one of my favorites is the While She Naps podcast. Check them out!

Fun Discoveries

So I follow Rachel Parcell of the blog Pink Peonies, for fashion inspiration. Her sister is a dancer at BYU and I came upon this hip-hop video from the NDA Championship. I was a hip hop dancer and have seen a lot of performances, and I have to say the choreography and execution is, basically, sik.

Fun Road Trip Craft

I heard from Jenny of Cashmerette about these amazing quilts from Haptic Labs, and I’ve put it on my “to make” list. My husband loves going on road trips so I always have to bring a simple craft along with me. You can hand-quilt or embroider this nursery-size quilt while on your road trip or while watching a movie.  I’d probably get the Seattle one, although if there were one of California that would be perfect. You can also customize it with your favorite places. It’s so simple and beautiful!

Haptic Lab Quilt From thesundaybest.com
Haptic Lab Quilt From thesundaybest.com
Customize it with your favorite places
Customize it with your favorite places



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