Trouvés Top Five! Highlights from this week to make life a little sweeter.

I always feel the need to share what amazing discoveries I happen upon to make life a little easier. Brought to you by Trouvés Top Five!

Echo Park birthdays, you know
Echo Park birthdays, you know


The hair tie bracelet is a thing of pure genius. Patent pending.



I found a new workout series to do called “Train Like an Angel.” It’s, um, workouts by Victoria’s Secret Angels.  It’s crazy how doing a few slow ballet poses makes you sweat really quickly. You can find the videos on Youtube. I’ve been doing more yoga and ballet workouts as I used to have to lift a lot of weights back in the day, so my body is a little bulkier than I would prefer. The ballet workouts help lengthen my muscles. I’m doing an okay job at working out, but the main reason I have been trying to get my heart rate up 3 times a week is because I’ve been having some health issues that they say would’ve not manifested had I been getting enough sleep and exercise and taking my vitamins. So ladies and gents, this is my plea to you to get movin! Even if it’s a workout video starring supermodels that most of us don’t and won’t look like… but hey they’re beautiful, you’re beautiful.

Healthy Eating

One thing I love in the summer is iced tea. I’ve started cold brewing some orange apple cinnamon iced tea in the fridge so that I’ll drink that instead of reaching for a sugary juice or a cookie. You just place some tea bags in a pitcher with water and stick it in the fridge for two hours to brew, or half an hour at room temperature, and voilá! An easy and healthy treat. (Side note: drinking/eating too many cold foods wreaks havoc on our bodies, so I actually try to drink room-temperature and hot liquids more often than not.)

Living with Grace

One thing I’ve been really mindful of lately is how I am not portraying myself on social media. A mom-friend of mine said I lived a charmed life, while in some cases was true, I made sure to tell her about our struggles. I didn’t want to contribute to the culture of not-enough, of deceiving others by displaying a pristine, elevated life instead of joining in solidarity with my sisters. I think it’s important we are all mindful of being honest about our lives, without feeling like we need to bear our souls on the internet.

It’s interesting that I happened upon the last copy of For the Love by Jen Hatmaker at this pop-up book fair in the lobby of the Social Security building. Really enjoying reading it so far.


Taylor Swift

I didn’t know Taylor Swift could sing like that. I just read her interview in the latest issue of Vogue. Really good.


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