Can’t Get Over Magnolia Market, and What I’m Sewing Now


It’s spring! In the Midwest, spring and summer seem to fly by because there is so much we all try to pack in before it gets cold and snowy again and people hibernate all winter. I literally will see some of my friends a few times in the winter because they’re not snow people. It is a shame that we sometimes trade community for Netflix in the winters. Me, I grew up in Iowa so I’m used to the cold. I know I am so blessed to experience such amazing weather year-round in SoCal. But I always remember that this, too, shall pass, so savor it while I can.

This spring I will be doing a ton of sewing. I am altering a beautiful lace Diane Von Furstenberg dress for someone, I need to make some things for myself like pajama pants out of a pretty purple floral print I found, and I am making a wedding dress for my friend for a Palm Springs wedding, so the dress is going to be a little lighter and airier since it will be so hot. I am making a little bolero for her too, and, heck, I decided to make an oversized blousy one for myself as well. Why not? She went into planning the wedding with the same mentality I had had, “Oh, I just need the dress and flowers and some other stuff, and we don’t need much else.” Oh honey. I reconfigured my wedding spreadsheet for her and am helping her plan it- one of my favorite things to do! I don’t think weddings need to be extravagant, but if people are flying in for a wedding, it needs to have some sort of flair.

Favorite Things

One of my favorite things right now is the HGTV show Fixer Upper, and basically following anything Joanna Gaines does, like reading her blog and shopping Magnolia’s shop. I’m also excited to read their autobiography coming out this fall. Part of me wants to buy a little bungalow by the beach, but watching the show, I definitely need land now to have a garden, fruit trees, and some goats and chickens! My yard in Iowa is too small to raise animals, and the big oak tree in the back cast too much shade to properly grow all the fruits and veggies that I wanted to, although kale, cilantro, and spring onions did well. So well that I always had enough to share.

Here are some of my favorite items from their shop! Click to shop.

Cotton stem arrangement- So light and fresh
Joanna’s favorite bag by Raven & Lily
Cake stand, of course. Millennials need to make more cakes.
I love wall vases to put fresh blooms in



What are your thoughts?

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