Creative Women feature: Award-Winning Filmmaker Sarah Gerber


This week is a busy one. My friend did a wedding dress upheaval and we completely changed the style of dress she wanted for her wedding. Oy vay. I’m just really glad that she likes the style we’re going with. It’s a satin twist front old Hollywood style ivory dress with a long train. I’m really excited to make it, but I kept getting road blocks in finding enough fabric to make it, and I don’t want to drive into L.A. to get it. On that note, off to the store to source the materials, and Home Depot to finish some home projects.

p.s. If you’re a typical Jane Austen fan, don’t see the movie Love and Friendship. If you’re more of a Whit Stillman fan, do see it.

Thoughts on Plants. Plants on birthdays.

For my birthday, my husband came home with a beautiful blooming pink Kalanchoe succulent plant in hand. He skipped lunch so that he could leave work early and find a plant I would like and not kill (yes, I, the plant enthusiast, unfortunately regularly kill plants. I do best when I can plant directly in the ground.) The most interesting thing about this plant is you can make it believe that it is winter so that it will bloom again in summer. You just give it some morning sunlight, stick it in a closet for 12-14 hours every day for a month and a half, and it should start blooming again. Hurrah! (side note: I think I gave it too much water and it started to wilt and turn brown. Note to you- don’t do that.)


Amazing Creative Women

I found this WeWork feature on award-winning filmmaker Sarah Gerber inspiring and insightful. I first met Benedict Cumberbatch lookalike David Gerber in Los Angeles, and while serving alongside him, was always impressed with how driven and kind he was. It makes sense then that he would marry such a compassionate, talented woman in Sarah. Read on!

With Twenty Twenty Studios, Sarah Gerber Brings International Stories into Focus


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