Our Wedding Photos!!!

If you know me, you know I’m a huge repurposer and recycler. Throwing anything away to be sent to the landfill only to wreak havoc on our earth for generations to come pains me. What’s also painful is knowing how unfair the labor is on many products we consume. What better time in my life to DIY and practice simplicity than an event that traditionally is exorbitant and wasteful- a wedding!

Did I feel exhausted times ten for sewing everything? Heck yes. But boy howdy did we save money and also practice slow fashion, wedding-style. I think one of my bridesmaids even re-wore her bridesmaid dress already!

Again, so blessed to have all of you there for our wedding… family, high school friends, college friends, and everything in between. And I know this is a wedding faux pas to say but to those of you we couldn’t invite-  sorry… my family is ginormous!

Thank you to all of you who helped/prayed for us/sent us a gift/flew hundreds of miles to be with us/paid for the wedding (thanks parents!) We treasure even the quick, fleeting moments shared.

–> Here are the photos on Black Sheep Bride, thanks to my new friend Danielle whom I finally met at our West Elm Santa Monica event this year. In a few days I’ll post on here some more of my favorite photos!


Photography: Lasting Memories Photography (Coon Rapids, Iowa), Laura Lachman Photo (New York City)
Videography: Rano Lovan (New York City)
Hair: Linda Wright of Moda Salon Des Moines Iowa and Kierra Taylor
Wedding: St. Augustin Catholic Church

Music: Vanessa Burdine, Lydia Keithley, St. Augustin Church
Reception venue: Tournament Club of Iowa
Sound: Jimmi Van Luong


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