My all-natural and cheap setting spray recipe, no parabens

I won the makeover!
I won the makeover!

So, I wasn’t about to spend $28 on Supergoop natural setting spray, so I found some recipes and made my own! Everyone says my skin looks amazing whenever I put it on, as it makes my skin look dewy, young, and fresh.

Setting spray helps set your makeup so that it doesn’t budge. This natural recipe I use is also so great for your skin and helps lock in moisture- this was a Godsend in harsh Iowa winters. I came up with this recipe after being fed up with my skin looking so dry and wrinkly in the winter.

I use a lot of powder makeup, so in addition to using foundation (and a primer if it’s going to be a long day), I also use this setting spray so that my makeup doesn’t go anywhere, and sometimes after the setting spray I sweep a light dusting of Eshiko if I want to be photo-ready.

I followed comments from here and here to make my spray.

In my 2 ounce blue glass spray bottle, I put:

1 part vegetable glycerin. I used NOW Foods

1 drop Young Living lavender essential oil

3 parts distilled water

Directions: shake well, and spray 3 times all over face.

Voila! That’s it. It’s like, 25 cents!

I have combination skin, so it’s oily in the t-zone. Some people put witchhazel toner ($3 drugstores) or rosewater ($7 Mario Badescu) in their spray and that helps keep your skin from getting oily.

Tips and tricks:

After a year my sprayer got clogged, so I just dipped it in hot water.

My pot of eyeliner I use is oily, so the setting spray makes it oilier, so that is why I might dust some translucent powder over my eyes afterwards.

I’d make a small batch first so you can test it out, and tweak it however you like.

Let me know in the comments if you tried this and what you think!


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