My Natural Makeup Beauty Makeover! yes, this is how I look when I wake up


Hello everyone! I decided to do a post on the natural makeup products I’m currently using, as it’s been a tough journey trying to find new affordable natural makeup that I like. Hopefully this will help! Why natural no-paraben makeup you ask? See the infographic below on what chemicals like sodium lauryl-sulfate and benzoyl peroxide can do to your body. Scary!

Natural Healthy Concepts
Natural Healthy Concepts

The issues I mainly had last year with my face are splotchy areas, redness, and scarring from my candida-turned-hyperthyroidism that created cysts along my jawline. The candida is what caused the dark ring around my mouth. Thankfully, my skin does not look like the photo above anymore, it’s pretty clear!

I love Physician’s Formula, Jenulence, and The Body Shop products. I love The Body Shop because you can try on everything, and the girls in the store are very helpful. I’d also like to try W3LL People and Jane Iredale.

Here are the steps I take:

  1. The basics: I make sure to drink my water and moisturize (first I put on my homemade moisturizer which is a combo of TJ’s jojoba oil, Young Living’s rose, carrot seed which has SPF, and lavender oil, then I put on Simple moisturizer with SPF if I’m going to be in the sun a lot) so that I have a smooth palette to work with. I also take my food-based women’s multivitamin, a chelated iron supplement, probiotics from Trader Joe’s, and Ningxia Red. I don’t take them all every day, but close to it. (Tip: Sugar Bear vitamins for hair and face are all the rage right now, but I looked, and my multivitamin has the same vitamins and are a lot cheaper.) I thought before I didn’t need all that but I learned the hard way after having health issues. I make sure my moisturizer has an SPF (I have gotten freckles because of the sun- I actually love my freckles, but these kind of freckles also means I have sun damage). If you want your hair and face to be extra awesome, I drink Great Lakes gelatin in juice.


  1. Arbonne CC cream all over face, including eyelids, to smooth out my wrinkles and prep and moisturize my face. This gives your face a smoother surface to apply the makeup on.
  2. If you have dark circles under your eye, lovely makeup artist Nichole Shockley of Makeovers by Nichole says to put red lipstick on the dark circles to counter the dark. This is a new trick for me, so I’m still testing it out.
  3. To give your face a glow, some people love Laura Mercier Illuminator or what I use is The Body Shop Highlighter. Dot on then blend in:
    • Forehead
    • Tops of cheekbones
    • Brow Bone
    • Down Nose bridge
    • Chin
  4. I put Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow foundation $15 on with a brush, just on the spots that are uneven and splotchy. For any blemishes, I like The Body Shop’s stick concealer because it has good coverage.
  5. I use a tiny dab of jojoba oil under my eyes so that makeup doesn’t set in the creases, then Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer from The Body Shop under my eye, and dab or roll it in with my pink beauty blender ($5.50 CVS)
  6. Using a kabuki brush, I roll my Jenulence Asian Mist powder on everywhere. Sample container=$5


  1. BRONZER and BLUSH: The Body Shop’s Baked-to-Last bronzer #2 Warm Glow using the 3 technique (starting at the cheek and putting just the excess on the jawline and browbone) Nars’ Orgasm blush on the apples of my cheek. (I had used Body Shop’s other bronzer for a while but it looked orange on me.) I then also dab The Body Shop’s Highlighter on top of my cheekbone and dab it all the way around and up to my browbone, so that the light catches the highlighter and it looks dewy.

    3 bronzer technique from
    3 bronzer technique from


  1. To help my eye makeup stay and to help it not crease, I put on The Body Shop’s Skin Primer. I then use this technique by Wayne Goss for my eyes, or this using The Body Shop’s cube eyeshadow or Physician’s Formula palette. (use natural bristle brushes for powders so that it glides on smoother.)
  2. I love my Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner. It stays on all day, and it is so easy to apply. Next I’ll try The Body Shop’s Liquid Eyeliner. For my asian almost-monolid eyes, I apply a thicker line to my upper lid.
  3. I then use my Shu Uemuru eyelash curler and use Maybelline Falsies mascara. For a healthier mascara, try the award-winning W3LL People mascara $23.
  4. For my wedding, I put on fake lashes. I forgot the glue though, so they actually started coming off towards the end of the night. Whups! If you don’t do much else, I definitely recommend the false lashes!
  5. EYEBROWS: I use a dark brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows. This helps your eyebrows frame your face, and I’ve noticed in photos in makes a big difference! (I didn’t do it in the above photo.)


I do lips last because I always focus on my eyes first, and will most of the time not use lipstick. To keep my lipstick on, and to prevent lipstick bleed, I use a lip liner. First I line my lips, then fill it in. I use a brush to mix a few different colors. I love the NYX color I found in Rose Blush. I follow Molly Sims’ lipstick trick to keep the lipstick on all day. Top it off with lip gloss. I am currently using Victoria’s Secret but I will probably next get one from The Body Shop, of course!


I spray my own setting spray recipe on. Recipe here.  Then, if I want to be photo-ready or if it’s a long day, I dust on Finishing translucent powder from Eshiko to set the makeup.

Below are photos of some of my makeup.

photo 2
Figure A: L-R: Arbonne CC beauty cream, NYX lipstick, The Body Shop concealer, The Body Shop concealer, Laura Mercier illuminator, Jenulence Asian Mist powder foundation and Kabuki brush, The Body Shop Illuminator and Jenulence White Pearl eye shadow highlighter. Bottom row: L’Oreal lip liner, Revlon lipstick, Jenulence gold eyeshadow, Maybelline eyeliner, Jenulence sample eyeshadows,
photo 3
Figure B: Starting at the cheek colors L-R: sample bronzer and earth-friendly stippling brush from Ulta, a natural cornstarch blush from some booth- she gave it to me for $1. Second row L-R: Jenulence eyeshadow sample baggies, Jenulence finishing powder, Shu Uemuru eyelash curler, Maybelline Falsies mascara, my own makeup setting spray

What are your thoughts?

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