Reducing My Footprint: How I get designer brands at sample sale prices (And Trouves Top Four!)

If you’re looking for our wedding post, here it is.


Reducing My Footprint

In order to be friendly to the earth and people as well as not dress the same as everyone else, I love living simply and shopping secondhand. I had to share this amazing jacket from the GAP that I saw on Thredup. I have one that I “made” a few years ago- I had this dark denim motorcycle jacket sitting in my closet for the longest time- I just never felt like it went with anything. Then, I had the inspiration to bleach it. I put a little bleach in a bucket with I think ten parts water, and all of the dye came off in a few minutes. It looked just like this jacket that is only $24 at Thredup right now! I wear it so often that it’s one of the few jackets I took with me to California when I moved.



Thredup is an online consignment shop that has gently worn or new-with-tags clothing and accessories. I got some cute heels from Thredup recently but then I decided to change the wedding outfit I was wearing, so I ended up just wearing my Swedish Hasbeens. Matthew just loves his play on words and uses it whenever he can, that I am wearing my Swedish Hasbeens while walking with my Swedish husband. emoticon

I also love my local Salvation Army and another thrift store that I cannot tell you about because it’s just too good! I got the cutest shoes at Salvation Army for $3- Like-new red vintage leather low heels and some like-new Seychelles wedges! I about died when I saw them. I try to either not shop, or I’ll try to shop for gently-worn items, but this past weekend I thought, you know, I just need to know what all the Kate Spade fuss is about. I only got one purse and you know what? I love it!

Respect and Kindness

Tonight we had pretty slow service at a fast food restaurant. We just wanted ice cream but it took ten times longer than it should have. We patiently waited and whiled away the time thinking about things in our brain. Then a man said to me something about the horrible service and I said I understood, I used to work in fast food. When he got his food and said something rude to the counter person, who struggled for words, I lost it. I said stuff about not being rude, and just being nice while my husband patted my shoulder to settle down. He said “I’m not talking to you.” Are we ten? “Just be nice.” It’s not hard. It took a few minutes for my nostrils to stop flaring. I think because I was bullied as a kid, I stick up for people whenever I can.

This is why I think everyone should work in food service at some point in their lives because you will get the rudest customers, but you develop empathy for the rest of your life because of it.

Companies I Love

On a sad note, Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton closed! You can read more about it on Danni’s blog. On a happier note, Found moved in and will be carrying some of the same items Oh Hello Friend carried. I first heard about this home design and wedding rental company a couple of months ago and was impressed with their designs. If you live in the area, make sure to stop in!


How to be a Great Speaker

I watched this Ted Talk the other day and it was really inspiring. Take a peek!


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