Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse Review – detox your body

I just watched Age of Adaline on Hulu, and I loved it! Not like, 10-Things-I-Hate-About-You-love. More like, that-was-beautiful-I’ll-probably-only-watch-it-once-or-twice-again-love. This morning I waxed on to my husband on the genius of Blake Lively while he got ready for work. He said, “Who’s that?” Um, she was only in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! And, of course, made a perfect Serena van der Woodsen. Well, anyway, I cried a few times during the movie, once when Harrison Ford broke down. I think I’m going to start dressing more charming ’50s now.

Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse Review

I went to TJ’s for some probiotics and thought, Well the Complete Body Cleanse is only $12, may as well. I started the gentle two-week cleanse the night before I went on vacation, don’t ask me why, I had my reasons. Let me just tell you, it works. The cleanse totally cleans you out since you’re taking a ton of fiber. I am no expert but I am assuming you need to continue to take your multivitamins and probiotics since the cleanse probably rids you of both the bad and good bacteria in your gut, so you need probiotics via supplements or yogurt or kombucha to restore healthy gut flora.

The downside to the cleanse is you have to swallow a ton of pills for two weeks. Also, waking up early to head to the bathroom. The upside is, you are cleaning your body! If you don’t do a cleanse for no other reason, do it as a science experiment, it’s quite entertaining actually. I’ll probably do this cleanse once or twice a year, especially at the beginning of the year so that I can get a fresh start after holiday sugar intake. An upside is, you’re not running to the bathroom 24/7, just in the morning, and mainly during the first 3 days. Be sure to drink plenty of water so that it helps flush out the toxins.

That same week I also used my birthday facial and massage. I loved it! My skin was never smoother. I had to write down what parts of my body were achey. An issue I have been having for months is my knees click when I go up the stairs. No bueno. Only a couple days after my massage did I realize that my knees no longer clicked! I think my muscles were probably so tight and things were out of alignment. A downside to my massage is that because massages do such a good job of detoxing and relaxing your body, and on top of that I started taking my Trader Joe’s cleanse, my nose started to run like a faucet, and then I got stuffed up for a week. This tends to happen to me whenever I eat something greasy after getting a massage and then I feel really sick. I’ll never learn.

All in all, I enjoyed… er, appreciated this product and recommend it to give your body a healthy jump start.


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