My trip to Purl Soho! Embroidery and fabric! (Trouvés Top Five)

Boy is it ever hot here in Southern California! I made a new cooling mist that I love, but I wish I had some spearmint oil to add to it. It’s distilled water + lavender essential oil + peppermint oil in a mister bottle, kept in the fridge. It’s nice.

Fashion & Beauty

I was working at an event recently that had guests dressed to the nines. Several girls were dressed very Kardashian, with crop top skin-tight outfits, fake lashes, heavy eyeliner, the works. I couldn’t help but think that the makeup aged them by twenty years, and I realize now that I automatically avoided looking at them for the rest of the night because I felt like it was such a shame! The most beautiful gal I saw though, was a plus-size girl who had on a very elegant ’20s art deco long gown that fit her figure. She paired it with simple hot-roller loose locks and natural makeup. Belíssima! As far as the heavy makeup, more is sometimes just. . . more.

My tip for evening makeup? Strong brow, bronzer on the cheeks, highlighter. But if you struggle with how to pull off a certain look, check out Pixiwoo’s Youtube channel. She’s a makeup genius!


I was looking for some embroidery ribbon so that I could start asap on my Alabama Chanin tank top I was making. I called a few places and looked at JoAnn and Hobby Lobby, but to no avail. Then I saw on Google Maps a location near me that said . . It’s their warehouse! It made for a great reason to shower. Yes, it’s not a storefront, it’s a warehouse, but the public can shop in it during certain hours. Everyone was friendly, and we rocked out to modern tunes. Well, I ended up getting the wrong ribbon for my top, but I’ll use it for some craft eventually. I can’t wait to go back there and buy some fabric! I have my eyes on, well, everything, but realistically, the next thing I’ll probably buy is this Nani Iro just because it’s so beautiful.



One thing I regret is not finishing decorating my last bedroom the way I really wanted. It’s so important to create your living space into one that you’ll enjoy resting in, as well as a space that is hospitable to your guests. In my last place, when I didn’t have people over (and unfortunately even when I did) my place was a sewing mess. Fabric and projects everywhere. It took away from the little decorating I did do in the main area. Never again!

I’ve been trying to finish up decorating our little place, which is hard when you’re on a budget, but not even close to impossible. The latest thing I did was sew a box-pleat bed skirt. It grounds the room and hides the ugly box spring I’ve been looking at for far too long. I’ll post a photo when I’m done decorating the whole bedroom! Matthew says that the bed with the skirt looks better than he thought it was going to look. When will he learn to trust me, really? Here is a “during” photo. I found a few tutorials online, then created my own pattern.



I was realizing, as we were touring the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, that I am so bad at living in the moment when it’s not a face-to-face conversation. That’s one thing I can be present for! I’ve never been great at remembering history, but there is a definite need for us to be informed of our past to help us navigate our future! Amazing what Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan did to help end the Cold War.

Me in a meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office. Ok, just me in a recreation of the Oval Office with several tourists next to me.


Always Ice Cream

If you’ve never tried this kind, you’re missing out. I started eating it in the car. It made a mess but it was worth it.



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