Pattern review McCall’s summer halter dress M7405 – and bloopers

Here’s my fashion tip of the week: when your mom wears jeggings that have a fake zipper placket on the front, remind her to not put them on backwards. I saw this humorous sight the other day at the store and I just had to laugh because someday that will be me.


I finally made a dress for myself that I love! This summer I tried making a kimono dress, then I tried making a shiny structured dress, but those were mostly failures. Well, I am almost done with my Alabama Chanin tank top, and I love that as well as my super comfy pajama pants.

The pattern I used is McCall’s M7405. It’s a cute halter dress that I’ve wanted to make for years. I finally did it because, well, JoJo on the Bachelorette kept wearing halters and she looked so darn cute!


I bought 2.5 yards of 45″ rayon challis floral fabric. Challis “art silk” can get super wrinkly but I love how it drapes and it’s so breathable. I used pattern A, but wanted it longer, so I added 7.5 inches to the length since that’s what my 2.5 yards of fabric gave me.

I’m normally a size small, but I went up to a medium because that’s what the measurements on the package told me to use. I ended up taking it in so much that it was a size XS. Pattern A didn’t come with a belt, so I used my satin robe’s belt just to see what it would look like. I loved the look so much I decided to just use that with the dress!

This dress took me about 3 hours to make, minus washing and ironing the fabric. It’s such a quick sew because there are only 3 pieces in the pattern! Some tweaks I made to the pattern are adding a keyhole in the front. I just cut down the front until just above my cleavage area. It’s not perfect enough that you should use that technique to sell clothes, but it works for me. I also made the side slit higher up on the leg to above the knee.

I just love this pattern and will definitely be making a couple more of these at some point in a floor-length version and a handkerchief hem version! I saw a handkerchief hem halter dress on Rent The Runway and I just have to have it.

Here are some more views of the dress as well as some bloopers to go along with it, because you need to laugh at yourself sometimes!

mccalls_halter2 mccalls_halter3 mccalls_halter1


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