Adorable handmade baby shower bunting, and hazing rituals

bunting and one of my first floral arrangements. Looks so cute and fresh in their new home.

Aren’t buntings so easy and quick to make? They’re cute and fun, great for decorating a bedroom or a party. Plus, you can use it as one of the only decorations at a party, it’s that fun. I make them with a package of bias binding and scrap fabric, making it super inexpensive compared to a vintage bunting I saw at a store that cost $50. More on that at the bottom of the post.


Life as We Know it

So, we live near a school, and at 11:30 last night I heard a bunch of male cheering, for half an hour straight. I thought, there’s no way they are watching the Olympics. Is there a summer game? No. Would it be a party? No way. Well, the next morning my brilliant husband had his guess- hazing! It was most definitely hazing/initiation, and it only stopped after I heard a police siren. Oh boy!

This weekend we are going to a wedding at Saddleback Church, so I get to break in my purple dress I just made, hurray! I think I’ll wear my uncomfortable magenta heels, then slip on my Sseko sandals once the going gets tough on my toesies.


I love watching track & field, gymnastics finals, all volleyball (men/women/beach/indoor), and some swim and diving. When I was in junior high and my early high school years, it was my dream to be an Olympic hurdler. Ever since I was little, I was always jumping over things, and I was good at it. I do remember my teacher my sophomore year saying that Olympians are usually taller, so it’s probably an unlikely dream for me. (A suggestion for adults: I think people figure out what they can’t do just by trying, so it’s not helpful to try to suggest what they think is probable.) In high school, the girls at Gehlen Catholic and Unity Christian would always beat us, but other than that we were unstoppable. Being able to run at Drake Stadium I think is Olympics enough for a high schooler. What are your favorite Olympic events to watch?

Sparking Joy in the Home

I’ve been Konmarie-ing and David Allen-ing my place which means I’m really getting organized! Blog post on that later.


Bunting Fun!

I had been thinking of making this bunting with the baby’s name on it for our friends’ shower but I had already made an orange and cream plain one, so I called it done. Matthew suggested that it would be fun to have one with Ethan’s name on it, and I agreed, so last minute I punched it out. It would’ve only taken 15 minutes if I had had a package of bias binding, but I had to make my own binding, and without this tool since I didn’t bring it to California with me.

I simply used a roller cutter and cutting mat to first cut out a strip of muslin fabric, then cut triangles out of it. I first used a pencil to make the letters, then Sharpied over it. I then sewed it to the inside of the binding. Note: Because you’re cutting the fabric at an angle to make the triangle, the fabric will not unravel. I love this bunting because they can use it to decorate Ethan’s room if they want, so it’s not just a throwaway decoration. So, now, let’s all go make some buntings!

Cupcakes by Gretchen the cupcake queen
Cupcakes by Gretchen the cupcake queen
Clover bias tape maker
Clover bias tape maker

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