My capsule wardrobe experiment. Sustainable fashion, Unfancy free download.

I woke up like this.

Did you catch my article I wrote for the Yellow Conference about rifts in friendships?


Guess what ladies and gents?! I’ve decided to start a personal capsule wardrobe! I started off by downloading Unfancy’s free worksheet to help me figure out how to edit my closet. I’m in the middle of putting together outfits from what I have, and the next step will be buying (or making) fall pieces to fill in the gaps. I’m super excited!! Why a capsule wardrobe you ask?

  1. I have been feeling like I never have anything new to wear, and that I’m always wearing the same type of thing.
  2. I don’t have much closet space.
  3. I want to steer clear of the pathetic emptiness of a meaningless consumer-driven life. (Quote from one of my favorite movies- name it!)
  4. I’m tired of buying a piece of clothing/shoes mainly because it was on sale, and then never wearing it, or wearing it and feeling weird all day.
  5. Having a capsule wardrobe will be easier on the environment and my pocketbook.


I knew a few pieces I needed were some comfortable edgy booties, comfortable flat boots, sturdy leather sandals, a chiffon kimono (I’ve been working on making one for way too long), and a couple of slouch tees that I have a sewing pattern for.

Well, it seems a bit ridiculous, but I bought 5 pairs of shoes within a week. I promise it is the result of careful planning (mostly) and will contribute to my easier way of life!

One of the first things I need to do is assess my closet. This outfit (pictured) was the result of the beginnings of that. Swedish Hasbeen Super High clogs with Just Fab red crop jeans, and A.N.A. top. Necklace- found or blessed charms. Fabric and leather bag- handmade by me (the fabric I bought in the fabric district the same day Matthew proposed!) The jeans and top are maybe 5 years old.

I’m taking photos of all of my outfits I’m putting together, complete with different hairstyles and accessories, and saving them to my Shutterfly app so that I can refer back to them. Well, here we go! I’m super excited. Do you think you’d benefit from creating a capsule wardrobe?




What are your thoughts?

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