Opportunity for YOU to build shipping container homes for veterans

What a day- what a lovely day to use your talents to help restore your community. American Family Housing just broke ground on 15 shipping container homes for veterans that will be completed THIS winter 2016, but we need your help! You can drop off the donations at American Family Housing in Midway City Orange County, California or, depending on the donation, they can pick up. See the project in the L.A. Times. 

“With great power comes great responsibility.” -U.Ben, Spider-Man

Donations Needed for Potter’s Lane- New, unused items

Landscape irrigation materials

Soil amendments




Light fixtures Quantity: 15 Hanging above dining table

Night stand lamp 15

Refrigerators 15 24” wide

Microwave ovens 15 small

Coffee makers 15 small

Dining chairs 30

Small breakfast table 15 approx. 24”x36”

Night stand 15

TV with wall mount 15 32” flat screen

Arm chair 15

Chairside table 15

Pots and Pans set 15

Silverware set 15

Towel sets 15

Trash bins 15 kitchen size

Hanger sets 15

Plate and bowl sets 15

Drinking glass sets 15

Kitchen utensil set 15

Kitchen towels 30

Pot holders 30

Alarm clock 15

Pillows 30

Full size sheet sets 15

Full size blanket s 15

Laundry basket 15


Art / Picture frames 30

Plants 30


What are your thoughts?

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