Practicing Presence: what family does to you when you try to be nice


Practicing Presence with Family

Practicing presence in a digital age is a tough road. I try to be anti-technology as much as I can in my personal life, because I have the sneaking suspicion that my smartphone won’t love me back. I got my very first smartphone when the iPhone 6 came out, so naturally I got the iPhone 4 (refurbished of course). That’s when I stopped journaling and reading in the mornings and before bed… In the mornings now I reach for my phone and scroll through Instagram. I’m on the road to recovery as I gave up Facebook for a month and I was able to detox from mindless Facebook scrolling AKA comparing myself to others.

This past weekend my niece Lucy wanted to go outside again to play, but once seemed enough and the adults were comfortable in their chairs. Because my husband is a kid at heart, he said he’d go outside with her and I decided to get off my duff as well. This, however, is what happens when you try to be nice…



What are your thoughts?

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