Review: Korean beauty trick- Skin blurring for wrinkles

Hey bloggy internet pals! It’s spring break!!! After I partied it up in Cancun with my twenty year old classmates, I came home, cleaned and mopped, and sewed a skirt and wallet, but minus the Cancun part.

Here’s a photo of my dad’s amazing food. He always blesses others with his garden produce and cooking skills. He didn’t name me after Julia Child for nothin’!

Crabmeat rangoon! A little indulgence never hurt anyone… not that I’m omnipotent

In the winter and early spring my skin looks pretty ashy. I use my homemade glycerin makeup setting spray up until summer, as well as switch from my powder foundation (The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base 052) $22 to my no-paraben noncomedogenic cream foundation (Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow in light/medium) $14.99.

I always feel like I need a little more help with my lines and under eye area, however, so I found this article from Marie Claire that introduced me to the concept of skin blurring, which is a Korean beauty trick that blurs out lines on your face just like the blurring tool in Photoshop. Since I’m forcing myself to use the makeup that I already have, I found this DIY skin blurring recipe that uses products you probably already have in your makeup bag. I do enjoy what getting older brings, but I’ll ward off those wrinkles as long as I can, and in the process I know I’ll come to love every last one of them. Let’s be honest, it’s a struggle for many of us.

I mixed my Physician’s Formula foundation, The Body Shop transparent primer, and moisturizer.

Results: Did I look 18 again? Not to me, but I guess the true test would be to take a photo of myself. My skin did look dewy, fresh, and even.

If you try out the skin blurring recipe, let me know how it goes!

Physician’s Formular Nude Wear Touch of Glow
The Body Shop powder all-in-one face base




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