The Day I met James Caan: 13th Day of Christmas Trivia

Allow me this flashback in my little quiet life I lead. Here’s the answer to my Instagram question… “Which Elf stars did I have the pleasure of meeting?” And also, Happy Thirteenth Day of Christmas!!! I hope you didn’t take down your decorations yet because it’s still celebration time until Epiphany!

James Caan

Zooey Deschanel
To be honest, it was a bit anticlimactic since at that point in my life I hadn’t actually seen Elf or The Godfather, and New Girl was light years away.

I had checked “Mr. Jimmy Caan” as his friend called him, into a tournament, and I just smiled as his friend tried to name drop… er, I guess, person drop since he was standing right there. There you have it, pretty exciting, huh?

And I didn’t actually meet Zooey but here’s the story: I was working in West L.A., eating lunch with a filmmaker friend when he whispered, “I think that’s Zooey Deschanel.” She walked by us and walked into a Greek restaurant. Our coworker was obsessed with Zooey so we called him to come down. She actually finished eating before us and drove away in her black BMW. She was cute and petite. And that concludes Julia’s Magnificent 12th Day of Christmas Trivia. Tune in next week when I tackle the ubiquitous question where our other sock went post-laundry. Okay, I can’t wait. I have the answer. They get stuck inside sheets/tshirts/clothes and we don’t find them because we have too many clothes that we wear but once.



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