Quick & delicious breakfast: Rosemary arugula poached egg breakfast bowl

IMG_6565.JPGThis morning I felt like being creative with my breakfast, so I perused my new cookbook, Caroline Potter’s All American Paleo Table Cookbook. I didn’t have some of the ingredients for her Rosemary egg hash, so I made some substitutions… well basically it’s not really the same recipe, but I was inspired by her recipe.

In this rosemary arugula breakfast bowl, the flavors of each of the items can be appreciated because of the simplicity of the ingredients. I love using arugula since it has a bite to it, and is so healthy for you. When I don’t have arugula I use spinach.

As I was making this meal I was reminded of making breakfast at home this past Christmas. I broke open a farm-fresh egg and noticed 1) How large it was- It didn’t even fit properly in the egg carton and 2) How hard it was to open. My mom later told me it was a duck egg. Ha! She has dozens of eggs sitting at home. Lucky for her, her coworker has chickens and gives her a dozen eggs for $0.50. Um, where can I find hospitality and prices like that in Orange County? Do tell.


Steamed rice, white or brown

Handful of arugula

2 fresh free-range eggs

1/8 tsp rosemary

salt and pepper (I like to use Himalayan pink salt for added minerals)

Optional: salsa


  1. Poach eggs to your liking and dry them on a paper towel. For me, the runnier, the better!
  2. Put a scoop of steamed rice into a bowl. (I always have some pre-made steamed rice on hand in the fridge for quick lunches, then just microwave it for 1.25 minutes to heat up. Not ideal to microwave, but it’s the quickest option, and it softens just fine.)
  3. Add a handful of arugula on top. Place eggs on top, sprinkle on rosemary, salt and fresh-cracked pepper.
  4. Optional: I added a tablespoon of salsa on the side.

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