My healthy spin on Martha Stewart’s Simple Crepes

Sautéed apple and yogurt crepe for breakfast

I wanted a fun yummy brunch today after church, so I asked my tummy what it was feeling like, and it said “crepes.” What I made was a crepe filled with a sausage/mushroom/spinach gravy topped with a type of hollandaise sauce. We both had two, and we warmed our third crepe with a half tablespoon of butter (Earth Balance for me) in the middle topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon and powdered sugar. Delectable! (Side note: I’ve also made a gluten free crepes recipe with corn starch, and I honestly do not notice a difference.)

crepe dessert
For dessert: melted butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar

I used Martha Stewart’s Simple Crepe recipe but I used 1/2 whole wheat flour, raw cane sugar, did 1/2 almond milk, substituted 1 flax egg, and used Earth Balance margarine. The consistency and taste were perfect.

For the filling I used All Recipe’s Crepes with Spinach, Bacon, and Mushroom Filling. I didn’t have any bacon so I used kielbasa, for the flour gravy I used whole wheat, and I omitted the Parmesan for my sake. Next time we’ll probably halve or nix the gravy as, overall, it seemed a bit mushy.

savory crepe
Sausage, spinach, mushroom crepe for dinner



Afterwards, I looked up crepe cake recipes, and for my next birthday I’m definitely trying my hand at one. The dilemma is which to choose: lemon mascarpone, chocolate eclair, creme brulée, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate amaretto, strawberry nutella, raspberry rose. . . Although, after taking a look at all the dairy that’s in the recipes, I better stay away (unless I use a dairy alternative), so I guess I’ll be making the Lemon Meringue or vegan Blackberry Cannoli Cream!

If you wanted some crepe filling inspiration, here are some savory and sweet ones! 

All in all, Matthew doesn’t necessarily like healthy things, but he loved this savory and sweet crepe meal! Definitely a repeat. Now, time to clean the kitchen. . .


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