This Poor Room is Always an Afterthought!

Unfortunately, the bedroom is one of the last rooms people decorate in their homes, which is such a shame to me. The bedroom should be the place you go to relax, refresh, and feel grounded. It should give you the feeling that everything is going to be alright. I’m one to talk, as this is the case for me as well. I understand that perhaps because we want the bedroom to look so perfect, we hem and haw at the details until it’s time to move out, and all we have are some mismatched lamps and comforters that seemed like good ideas at the time!

I learned in design school that joe schmo can try to copy a picture from Pinterest, but sometimes it just doesn’t work with joe schmo’s given space because the principles of design should be newly examined with every individual space.

Let’s discuss this fresh bedroom. You may or may not like it but it works! It’s visually pleasing and anyone would feel comfortable here. See why below.


The main attraction is the bright blue bed, accented with a dusty rose color. From where I sit, I can see both colors in the art on the wall. I love the choice of wall sconces as they are super chic and low enough to not cast an ugly shadow on a lovely face. The nubby texture of the throw blanket as well as pillows and rug bring warmth to the room that would seem a bit cold with the white walls, white industrial pendant, concrete floors, and high ceiling. I also like that there are about four different shades of blue that add depth. The solid side tables also add visual weight where lighter versions just wouldn’t do.

But if you asked me what the ONE thing in this room that would make or break the ambience, I would say the rug. For one, your feet would get mighty cold on that concrete floor without it! Most of all, though, the beige provides a bridge between the bright white and all the other colors. Magnifique!

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus for a few and finally get your dream bedroom?


What are your thoughts?

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