Introducing Trouvés Interiors!

julia lovan goddard

Hello everyone! The past few years I’ve been on a journey, combining all of the skills I’ve learned in art, fashion, the construction industry, and community development into something that I am truly passionate about to help people live in a comfortable and safe home. . . interior design! I have learned so much from experts in the field and in school, and am excited to help you create your favorite space. I am slowly but surely uploading photos from projects that I’ve worked on lately so stay tuned!

Designing a room can be difficult, and working with contractors and designers perhaps even more challenging. One of my top values is people, and I am a stickler for receiving great customer service, so these two things are definitely at the foundation of my business.

Right now I am focusing on assisting homeowners on color consulting, and decorating, and hopefully soon window treatments. My rate right now is insanely affordable, so make sure you hop on that while you can!

Please see my Houzz profile to view some projects I’ve worked on.


What are your thoughts?

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