5 Amazing Dresser DIYs that look expensive

I am a huge proponent of DIYing vintage pieces, as long as you’re not ruining a beautiful historic piece of furniture. When I first moved to Orange County a few years ago, after we had used up all of our wedding money, we realized we needed a dresser. Then, lo and behold, what do we see on the side of the road? A dresser that said “free” on it. Currently it’s just painted white with a cute drawer liner, but I have been looking for inspiration for how to jazz it up even more. See my top 5 favorites, and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to overhaul your own!

Black and white contrast dresser from an IKEA find. 

Ikat upholstered bedroom dresser

Batik stenciled dresser from Royal Design Studio. I love this one as it gives the room a sophisticated, global feel. Purchase a stencil here!


Guys- Wallpaper the SIDE of the drawers! Genius. I’ve always loved Spoonflower, a website where you can find original designs for fabric/wallpaper/wrapping paper, and even design your OWN print. See the tutorial here for how to wallpaper your drawers.

side of dresser diy

I had to include the “before” picture because what a transformation! This one wins for biggest transformation, by Samantha Pattillo.


And last but not least, custom drawer pulls made from anything!


Bonus DIY: How amazing is this stenciled trunk? Stencil the design on in the lighter color, then hand paint the other colors on.



What are your thoughts?

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