6 Ways to Use Sherwin Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year: Oceanside (even for commitmentphobes)

Let’s talk about Sherwin William’s Color Pick of the Year for 2018, shall we? Oceanside.

When I look at this color, I think of sophistication, strength, and relaxation. It reminds me of being out in the mountains, like at Big Bear where we went for our anniversary this month! Everything looks and smells so fresh compared to being in the city. What does Oceanside evoke in you?

Greenwich Hotel Penthouse Suite – Even if you wouldn’t do this to your own place, you have to admit it is fabulous! If you don’t do anything else to your sitting room, I recommend investing in built-ins and, depending on the room, letting the color stand out. What a beauty!


My friend’s newly redesigned bedroom done by Serene Design Company. The before and after photo contrast made my jaw drop. It was a room that hadn’t been decorated before, so I’m so glad they finally decided to treat themselves to a serene bedroom.

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A lovely West Elm  hallway. This bold color paired with a high ceiling is very dramatic. If the room were empty it would feel traditional. The low midcentury modern furniture, soft painting, and geometric accessories modernize the room , and the plants and window keep this space from feeling stuffy.

Oceanside Sherwin Williams West Elm Color of the Year 2018 blue

Have a beautiful old armoire that feels kind of heavy and out of place? Modernize it with some paint and gold hardware!

Photo by Caroline Lima

Studio McGee’s Vineyard Project- Do you know why this room is so perfect? So many principles of design! The colors work well together, and the accessories make the room feel cozy and balanced.

Studio McGee
Studio McGee Vineyard room
Studio McGee


And if you’re feeling noncommittal about this color trend, accessorize! It will update your room in a flash.


What are your thoughts?

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