Chic Curtains For People Who Hate Curtains (weatherization)

I was visiting an outdoorsy friend this past spring in chilly, rainy Portland, which was a big contrast to Southern California! Her apartment was an older duplex, and I doubt there was any insulation, plus there were no rugs and no window coverings, which makes sense why she wore her warm and cozy adult Christmas onesy around all day. Being a designer, I mentioned putting up curtains and she responded with “I hate curtains.” Oh, but if she only knew that energy bills below $400/month was possible with just a few rugs, attractive California-cool window coverings, and perhaps a Medieval-inspired wall covering or two!

When winter hit after I had purchased my first home, I probably read 20 articles on weatherizing homes for energy efficiency. Caulking, weather strips, window plastic before we could get double paned windows to replace the beautiful original single-paned, and of course, window coverings! In Southern California you can get away with the modern no-curtain look since the weather here is so amazing, but for everyone else out there, just hear us designers out with these beautiful drapes!

Since my friend likes clean lines in the laid-back California-cool style, I doubt she’d turn a nose up at this Amber Interiors guest room! It’s a clean, contemporary look with two window covering layers in various shades of brown for light control and extra warmth. If the drapes are thermal, even better.


mber Interiors. Photo by Tessa Neustadt.

Weatherization is an investment that pays for itself. In one city I lived in, I signed up for a free energy audit. The auditor stared at our energy readings and couldn’t believe how low our energy output was. That’s what happens when one uses thermal curtains in every room! Tip: Try to hang the curtain high and eliminate a gap above and below the curtain so warm air doesn’t get between the curtain and window, causing a draft (click here to read an article from on how to fix drafty windows).

Scroll down for more examples of various types of drapes that don’t impede on the California-cool look.

A sleek modern thermal drape with contrast eyelet. By @trinetteandchris @cottagesgardens


Au Natural- Linen roman shade brings the look of the outdoors in. By M.Elle.Design
Various shades of beige + textile layering warm up this large room. By Reath Design 
A medium grey drape with a pinch pleat gives the all-white room dimension and warmth. By Amber Interiors.

So, now that you’ve seen some attractive examples on how to reduce your energy bill, let me know how you will weatherize your place! And, as always, contact me if you need any drapes consulting.


What are your thoughts?

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