S’well Water Bottle Collab with Liberty of London Fabric Print for Starbucks!?!


I am a huge fan of Liberty of London fabrics. When I had my bowtie line, I loved using Liberty fabrics as they really popped on a small 12 square inch surface. One of my favorite Liberty bowties and pocket squares actually made an appearance at the Golden Globes a few years ago. I looked up at the television, and BAM! there it was in all its glory. Like my mama, the bowtie was small but mighty.

I was just creating this inspiration collage that included a Liberty of London for Anthropologie sofa when a week later I read about the Liberty of London & S’well Starbucks collaboration featuring Liberty Fabrics classic designs. I love that they used historic designs because they are tried and true designs, and if you love history and context, you’ll love this collab all the more. Wouldn’t this make such a sweet gift, especially for that fabric lover in your life who may or may not hoard bins and bins of fabric that she’ll probably never use?

Starbucks is selling six designs, but see below for my top two favorite designs:libertyoflondon_swell_starbucks1libertyoflondon_swell_starbucks


What are your thoughts?

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