When Grandma’s Quilting and Fashion Collide: Home Decor by Designer Zero Waste Daniel


I guess I have a thing for combining old school methods like quilting with chic fashion. As you may know, I have been a huge fan of Project Alabama since I was in high school, with their upcycling of textiles and using quilting circles in Alabama to make their custom garments.

From http://zerowastedaniel.com/zwd/?category=home+goods
Zero Waste Daniel David Bowie upcycled sweatshirt
From Zero Waste Daniel

Now I’ve found the next sustainable, if you will, designer that I am in awe of. Daniel Silverstein of Zero Waste Daniel upcycles pre-owned textiles to create new garments like leisure tops and pants for men and women. His team also creates accessories like zip pouches and, my personal favorite, throw pillows. Each item is one of a kind, eco-friendly, and affordable. Read a little about Daniel, below!



“daniel silverstein is a new york based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer.

his namesake label has been seen in boutiques and specialty stores around the world. Entertainers such as jennifer hudson, kristen bell, amber valletta, lauren singer, and ariana & the rose have been seen at red carpet events and on magazine covers across the US and England in his collection.

In 2016 daniel embarked on a new journey with the creation of zero waste daniel, or ZWD.

ZWD is a closed loop option for the apparel industry to aid in ending the catastrophic pollution that plagues our earth and tarnishes our reputation as designers and as people. This process creates jobs as well as a workforce training program for the future innovators of zero waste design that we so desperately need to encourage as we think about the future of our planet.” —Zerowastedaniel.com 

Zero Waste Daniel Silverstein


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