Hire Me

I’ve taught workshops for all ages from ages 5 to 70, and write articles about simplicity, sewing, jewelry-making, urban gardening, candle-making, and other crafts. I also work as a business consultant, contract designer/product development, and photographer/art director. I’m formally trained as a fine art painter, and I’ve worked for fashion designers and non-profits in youth development. I’m a street-smart Orange County gal but my husband says I will always have my charming Iowa girl naïvete.

My work has been featured at The Golden Globes, California Apparel News, Teen Vogue / Refinery 29 editor’s “Favorite Things”, and more. My favorite moment of all time was helping get Falling Whistles and Raven + Lily on the cover of a major fashion publication.

For inquiries / collaborations info.trouves@gmail.com