If you’re ready to create the space you’ve been dreaming about for years but are on a budget, E-Design is for you!

E-Design is an affordable and convenient 100% online method of interior decorating for you, done primarily through e-mail. This is a great way to transform your home on your own time, to your design sensibilities, and within your budget. Within about two weeks, depending on ease of client communication, a digital visual design board will be e-mailed , along with a shopping list with links to websites where furniture and decor items can be purchased. This is a great way for people to have a hand in decorating their space without the confusion of choices in colors, patterns, textures galore.

Having your own customized visual design board of your space along with a customized shopping list will help you plan out your spending and shopping trips, instead of purchasing “cheap” or “cute” things here and there hoping that they will work in your room. Admit it, we’ve all been there!

I believe a well-designed room helps facilitate a joyful life. Wouldn’t it be nice to complete your space so that it fits your lifestyle, needs, and helps bring you peace and joy?

Click below for the Full Room Package which includes a design board featuring decor items you’ll need for your space, a to-scale floor plan so that you’ll know exactly where to place your furniture, and a shopping list that you can purchase on your own time.